Water Bottle Washer

Washing machine specifically developed for cleaning water bottles and

their lids in animal facilities. The water bottles need to be already packed

in the stainless steel baskets, ensuring process optimization.


Main advantages and characteristics

- Mono camera washing machine, with loading and unloading front or

by side, through the hood opening;
- Operation: washing and rinsing performed by upper and lower rotating

- Electric heating of the washing solution and the rinsing water;
- Control panel with two buttons: on / off and operation;
- Easy to operate; cover (hood) of full opening for loading and unloading,internal cleaning;

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- Safety system that stops the cycle if the cover (hood) is opened during operation;
- Easy to clean: water inlet filter, washing motor pump filter, waste baskets, baffles, drain plugs, caps on the ends of washing arms, wash arms and rinse arms. All these items can be removed manually without tools;
- Equipped with automatic control of times and temperatures and the water level in the washer;
- Made of resistant materials: AISI 304 stainless steel;
- Heater and pump rinsing incorporated into the washer;
- Hot washing and rinsing (55-65°C and 80-90°C, respectively).

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