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Washer Box

Washing machine specifically developed for cleaning cages, lids and other parts that fit on the carrier conveyor or on the drawers (racks).

Main Advantages and Characteristics

- Multi camera washing machine, with loading and unloading by side,                 and displacement of the parts and drawer on the carrier conveior belt;

- Exclusive continuous shift system of cages and drawers, which                        prevents wear, breakage and constant need of replacement;

- Operation: pre-wash, wash and rinse, made by top, bottom and side arms;

- Operating direction: left - right or right - left - not reversible;

- Heating of the washing solution and of the rinsing water: electrical;

- Control panel with four buttons: turn on/off, operation and 2 for emergency     stop - one at each end of the washer;

- Equipped with automatic time control, levels, temperatures and the rinse       water release;

- Security: system that stop the operation in case of the conveyor belt                 locking or in case of opening one door;

- Easy Cleaning: inspection and cleaning doors, water inlet filter, filters of           pre-wash motor pumps and wash, waste baskets, drain plugs, caps in the       ends of wash arms, rinse arm;

- All the itens can be removed manually, without need of tools - 

   Constructive Materials: AISI 304 stainless steel and other resistant                   materials.

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