Rack Rabbitat for Rabbits

Developed to control dust, hair and allergens, Alesco's Ventilated Rack for Rabbits were designed to attend the new demand of quality in breeding rabbits in animal facilities.

With negative pressure, 100% stainless steel, floor and excreta trays in polypropylene, and the dimensions meet all the standards of the leading publications on animal welfare, Alesco's Ventilated Racks are the ideal solution for breeder and researcher.

Main advantages and characteristics

- Two separate bodies for cleaning, transport and mobility.
- Removable stainless steel feeder.
- 2 Water bottles of 700 ml (23,6 oz) for each cell of the Rack.
- Tray for animals accommodation.
- Tray to collect excreta.
- Visors made of polycarbonate

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