DOMI Mini-isolator for Mice

The line of Mini-isolators DOMI was designed with high technology to contribute to the success of researches.

Highly robust and functional, the DOMI Mini-isolators offer ease of handling and replacement, and are strong allies of the researcher in their constant search for the advancement of science.

Main advantages and characteristics

- The filter convers the top entirely;
- Silicone sealing ring;
- Air vents to ensure animal survival in the case of blackouts;
- Placing the filter over the box eliminates the need for valves;

- In accordance with international standards and legislation "Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals" (Ed.18) - Click here


+ Well Being

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Air Inlet

Air Outlet

With the same performance of the Ventilife line, the mini-isolators of the DOMI line meet the requirements of the facilities that operate with mice. The DOMI line has Flexivent Ventilation.

Flexivent Ventilation: system of insufflation and exhaust of air by the part of the mini-insolator. Insufflation and exhaustion above the filter, without collecting dust, hair and food fragments keep the ventilation system always clean.

- (Lower) Dust Capture - (Lower) Need to Wash - (Lower) Risk of Contamination

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Rack DOMI for Mices


- Optimization of physical spaces;
- Rooms without odors, contaminants and allergens;
- Significant reduction in the cost of air conditioning systems; 
- In accordance with international standards and legislation;  
- Low electricity consumption.

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