Mini-Isolator ALN for Mice

The ALN mini-insolators are 100% made of polyetherimide, providing greater durability and dimensional accuracy after autoclaving.
With silicone rubber seal between the lid and the cage, and passive air insuflation valves and active air exhaustion, the ALN Mini Isolator is an airtight environment, that provides the job with 100% negative pressure.
With its longer floor, and consequently its larger area, it provides up to 7 adult mice per cage and a high density of animals per IVC Rack, without
compromising the animal welfare and physical space of animal's facilities and research centers.

Main advantages and characteristics
- The filter convers the top entirely;
- Silicone sealing ring;
- Air vents to ensure animal survival in the case of blackouts;
- Placing the filter over the box eliminates the need for valves;

- In accordance with international standards and legislation "Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals" (Ed.18) - Click here


+ Well Being

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Air Inlet

Air Outlet

Negative pressure system

All Ventilated Rack ALN has a Monitoring Box in which real-time control and monitoring of the negative pressure at the level of the mini isolators is done. This means a precise indicator and controller of internal pressure.


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Rack ALN for Mice


- Optimization of physical spaces;

- Rooms without odors, contaminants and allergens;

- Significant reduction in the cost of air conditioning systems; 

- In accordance with international standards and legislation;  

- Low electricity consumption.

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Check the Table with the Thermal Characteristics and Chemical Resistance of MI Plastics

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