Changing Station

The Changing Station are animal transfer stations that avoid any type of contamination and guarantee the biological safety of the operator and the animal.


Key Features and Benefits

PRACTICAL: Open on both sides, allowing the work of up to four operators simultaneously.

VERSATILITY: Work area of ​​sufficient size for the exchange of Alesco mini-isolators for mice and Alesco mini-isolators for mice.

WORK AREA: Removable PVC plates, combining strength and lightness.

CABINET: Constructed of naval aluminum with epoxy paint.

CHASSIS: AISI 304 stainless steel.

VISORS: Made of high strength polycarbonate crystal.

LIGHTING AND STERILIZATION: Lighting with white LED and dimmer with intensity control. Includes UV light system.

FILTRATION SYSTEM: Absolute HEPA pleated filter, with efficiency of 99.97% according to DOP test, with aluminum frame, as last contact. Washable filters in air collection. Three pre-filters in the air collection, guaranteeing a longer life to the HEPA filter. Top HEPA filter for system air balancing.

AIR SYSTEM: The system consists of a radial type fan, dynamically balanced, low noise, low vibration and high durability. It has speed regulation, for progressive compensation as the filters clog.



ELECTRONIC PANEL: With real time monitoring of the air speed in the system and alarm in case of slowing of air and consequent breakage of barrier.


LIFTING SYSTEM: Silent lifting system, with 20cm of variation, promoting an ergonomic system, regardless of the height of the operator.

Lifting System

Real time air

flow alarm

Buttons Descriptions

1 - On/Off Button

2 - Led Power

3 - Module Light

4 - UV Light

5 - Fan Potentiometer 

6 - Change Module Elevator Button

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