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Ventilife IVC Rack for Rats

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The IVC Racks are one of the most modern and best-selling equipment in the world for animal maintenance. They are very robust, working well in different environmental conditions (high durability).
The intra-cage ventilation system (IVC), present in IVC Racks, is the most efficient because the air inflated inside the mini isolators, dragging efficiently the main toxic gases (ammonia and CO2) and humidity (limiting factor for the growth of urease positive bacteria) to outside this micro-environment.  
Because they generate more protection to the animals, thus preventing cross-contamination (spread) and the allergen dispersion. They also provide greater blockage of macro and micro-environmental noises and odors, preventing and / or reducing the stress ratio. Another important factor to consider is the efficient system of air exchanges (insufflation and exhaustion) of the mini isolators, efficiently removing the main systemic toxic gases (ammonia and CO2), besides the excessive moisture responsible for the growth of urease positive bacteria (which transform urea into ammonia).

Main advantages and characteristics
- Optimization of physical spaces;
- Rooms without odors, contaminants and allergens;
- Significant reduction in the cost of air conditioning systems; 
- In accordance with international standards and legislation;  
- Low electricity consumption.

Models and Setups

SIngle Rack: with 15 and 25 mini-isolators.

Double Rack: with 50 mini-isolators.

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Air Inlet

Air Outlet

In the Ventilife Line, the mini-isolators have air insufflation in their base (bottom of the mini-isolator, according to figure to the side). The clean air, which has passed through the inlet filters of the IVC Rack, enters the mini-isolator by an air diffuser, which aims to slow down and spread the airflow, increasing the comfort to the animals that are allocated in the equipment.

The air exhaustion occurs through gutters around the top of the mini isolator, there being no direct connection between the exhaust gutter and the interior of the mini isolator. In this way, the removal of air filtered by the Top Filter is carried out without the entrainment of particulates (such as shaving powder and pieces of feed) into the exhaust ducts.

NO capture of dust, hair and remain of bed = MINIMUM need of washing

Related Products

Intelligent Control Panel


- Circuit supply with LED indicator;
- Filter saturation monitoring with the progressive indication of LEDs;
- Smart electronic system that keeps the established number of ACPH (air changes per hour) constant, even with the progressive congestion of the filters.

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Panel Mounting Options: 1. Above Rack | 2. Central Panel | 3. Attached to wall

Mini-isolator for Rats


- Filter: washable and easy to replace (no need of tools);
- Safeclick closing system: easily opens and automatically closes when placing the top cover; 
- Reinforcement stems built in to protect against strains and impacts, extending its life;
- Stainless steel wire lid: Internal stainless steel reinforced frames for longer life;
- Prolonged side borders that promote the "petri" effect, which is essential for insulation;
- Capacity: 5 rats or hamsters;
 - In accordance with international standards and legislation "Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals

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