ALN - Alesco Negative Rack

The ALN line was developed in order to unite security and protection with practicality and flexibility, providing high biocontention to the user.

The ALN Rack has air circulation and controlled negative pressure in all the mini-isolators in it coupled. It should be noted that passive air insufflation and active and controlled exhaustion have HEPA filters for total system protection.

ALN IVC Rack for Mice

+ Well-being


The IVC Racks are one of the most modern and best-selling equipment in the world for animal maintenance. They are very robust, working well in different environmental conditions (high durability).
The intra-cage ventilation system (IVC), present in IVC Racks, is the most efficient because the air inflated inside the mini isolators, dragging efficiently the main toxic gases (ammonia and CO2) and humidity (limiting factor for the growth of urease positive bacteria) to outside this micro-environment.  
Because they generate more protection to the animals, thus preventing cross-contamination (spread) and the allergen dispersion. They also provide greater blockage of macro and micro-environmental noises and odors, preventing and / or reducing the stress ratio. Another important factor to consider is the efficient system of air exchanges (insufflation and exhaustion) of the mini isolators, efficiently removing the main systemic toxic gases (ammonia and CO2), besides the excessive moisture responsible for the growth of urease positive bacteria (which transform urea into ammonia).

Main advantages and characteristics
- Optimization of physical spaces;
- Rooms without odors, contaminants and allergens;
- Significant reduction in the cost of air conditioning systems; 
- In accordance with international standards and legislation;  
- Low electricity consumption.

Models and Setups

SIngle Rack: with 42 and 48 mini-isolators.

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Air Inlet

Air Outlet

Negative pressure system

All Ventilated Rack ALN has a Monitoring Box in which real-time control and monitoring of the negative pressure at the level of the mini isolators is done. This means a precise indicator and controller of internal pressure.


Related Itens

ALN Negative Control



Circuit supply with LED indicator;
Filter saturation monitoring woth percentage bar graph:
Time counter (days) before the totaly obstruction of the filters, to plan the exchange of them;
Configuration exchange of air / hour according to the need of the user, may establish itself from 20 to 70 air changes / hour within each mini-isolator;
Intelligent electronic system that maintains constant value (set by the user) of air changes / hour within each
mini insolator, even with the progressive obstruction of the filters;
Exclusive negative pressure button: Real time negative pressure monitoring inside of mini-isolator.

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Panel Mounting Options: 1. Above Rack | 2. Central Panel | 3. Attached to wall

Mini-Isolator ALN for Mice


- The filter convers the top entirely;
- Silicone sealing ring;
- Air vents to ensure animal survival in the case of blackouts;
- Placing the filter over the box eliminates the need for valves;

- In accordance with international standards and legislation "Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals".

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