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Model for Poultry

Model for Chicks


Biological Containment of Maximum Safety: Recognized worldwide as the most efficient equipment for the isolation of animal models.
Insulated unit made of flexible PVC, polypropylene and aluminum, with air system provided by a pre-filter, inlet filter and outlet filter (Disposable filters). The handling system is composed of short-sleeved gloves, fixed by rubber rings and PVC tape, in way that it is easy to replace.

Model for Rodent

Main advantages and characteristics

- It works on positive or negative pressure, protecting researchers and technicians.
- Safe maintenance, making it ideal for colony foundation or models with special needs.
- Special order for custom models.

Model for Poultry

Main advantages and characteristics

- It works on positive or negative pressure, protecting researchers and technicians;
- It has two pairs of gloves for manipulation, allowing two operators to work simultaneously;
- There are removable articulated internal floors in the rigid body of the equipment, making the animal handling easier.

Model for Chicks

Main advantages and characteristics

- Body made of naval aluminum and PVC.
- Stainless steel internal feeder.
- Internal heating lamp.
- Internal plastic drinking fountains.
- Stainless steel floors.
- Feces collector in polypropylene.
- Lid with locks and silicone seal.
- Vinisan gloves for handling.
- Protective curtain of the gloves made of Vinisan.
- Inside box made of PVC.
- Port of passage with 400 mm of PVC.
- Chassis and base in stainless steel.
- Panel in naval aluminum with epoxy paint.
- Filters for HEPA air exhaust and passive HEPA air inlet.

Cylinder for sterilization

Accessory made of stainless steel (450 mm or 300 mm of diameter) with drilling in the middle portion and surrounded by filter element. In the cylinder are placed the supplies that will be autoclaved. The cylinder internally has a tray to accommodate the materials in the operation. After the introduction of the materials, the cylinder must be closed with a resistant membrane (maylar), and after that, it can be put in the autoclave.

Conection Glooves

Accessory used to connect passage port to cylinder for sterilization. It has a handling glove to ease the materials transportation. It contains a nozzle for vaporizing with germicidal solution. Measures compatible with the cylinder (450 mm or 300 mm of diameter).

Cart for the Cylinder

It is used to support the cylinder during the operation of materials introduction.
Its height matches with the passage port and it is compatible with the cylinder (450 mm or 300 mm of diameter).
It has wheels and handles for moving.

Portable Air Compressor

It is used in the germicidal spray inside the equipment and/or in the passage port.
It has an atomizer gun for solutions pulverization in the chemical sterilization. Compressor, cart and hose, allowing total mobility.  

Protection Mask

Facial mask to spray germicidal solution. With protection for eyes, nose and mouth.

Filter for Mask: combined filter for organic vapors, acid gases and ammonia.

Gas Detector System

High sensitivity equipment for detecting gas leak.


Heat resistant membrane for cylinder lock and isolation of HEPA filters of the main body. It should be broken after autoclaving for introducing materials.

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