Basic IVC Rack

IVC Racks are the most widely used equipment in the world for the

maintenance of animal models.
Our products have the highest IVC (Individually Ventilated Caging)

technology, and are made from high strength and durable materials.

Main Advantages and Characteristics

- Optimization of physical spaces;

- Rooms without odors, contaminants and allergens;

- Significant reduction in the costs of air conditioning systems;

- Animal welfare in accordance with current legislation;

- Economy in the consumption of electric energy.

Policarbonate Mini-Insulator for Mice - Basic Option

mi basic 1.png
mi basic 2.png

Option available only for the Mini Insulator model for mice.

Understand the difference between:

ventilife logo.png


Stainless Steel

Eletronic Panel

- Saturation indicator graphic bar and equipment filter conditions

- Configuration of 30 to 70 air exchange / hour within the mini insulator

- Intelligent fan throttle control

Filter Set

1 Pré-filter

1 Inlet filter

1 HEPA filter

1 Outlet filter

painel ventilife.png

(1) - Contact Button

(2) - Filter Button

(3) - Information Button

(4) - Hour/changes Button

(5) - Button +

(6) - Button -

(7) - Led power

(8) - On/Off Button

logo alesco basic.png


Stainless Steel

Eletronic Panel

- Led filter saturation indicator

- Potentiometer for fan acceleration



Jogo de Filtros

1 Pré-filter

1 Inlet filter

1 HEPA filter

1 Outlet filter

painel basic.png

(1) - Led power

(2) - Filter indicator

(3) - On/Off Button

(4) - Botão potenciômetro para aceleração do ventilador de insuflação de ar


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