Metabolic Cage
Metabolic Cage

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Metabolic Cage
Metabolic Cage

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Metabolic Cage

With the same quality of equipment for animal maintenance,

Alesco is launching its line of equipment for analysis.
Alesco's Metabolic Cage for Mice separates feces and urine

perfectly through a special funnel and separation mat.
The system is designed to minimize animal stress and facilitate

operator work.

Main Advantages and Characteristics

- Drinking fountain, collector of the waste of the drinking fountain

   and feeder with easy access and operation;
- Exclusive mat for feces and urine separation, with 100%

   effectiveness and easy access for cleaning;
- Collector tubes of feces and urine for easy access and operation;
- Low-grip aluminum funnel and acute angle to prevent feces

   deposition on it;
- Lid for easy access to animals;
- Stainless steel mat on the level of animals;
- Totally demountable equipment.

Metabolic Cage Dimension

Height: 70cm

Width: 32cm

Depth: 28cm

Floor Area: 432 cm²

Weight: 4.58 Kg

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